Goals gallery or my 100 goals in life

  1. Have my picture taken on top of the Eiffel Tower

  2. Spend some time in Bora Bora
    Done in 2007

  3. Walk on the Great Wall of China

  4. Be in the Bundeshaus

  5. Have a kid or many

  6. Visit a casino in Las Vegas
    Done in 2007

  7. Visit the Niagara Falls
    Done in 2007

  8. Have a date for Valentine's Day

  9. Work for MSF

  10. Fall in love and get married

  11. Go surfin'

  12. Visit all regions of the world

  13. Go skydiving

  14. Go rock climbing

  15. Learn Italian
    Done in 2005

  16. Run a marathon
    Done in 2005

  17. Start my own business
    Done in 2006

  18. Learn how to fish

  19. Compose a song

  20. Go on a road trip

  21. Roll my own sushi

  22. Done in 2006, with help of 4142nise

  23. Visit the carnival of Rio

  24. Drink sparkling wine on the Eiffel Tower (in Paris)

  25. Visit a gay and lesbian club (in Paris)

  26. Buy new business shoes (in Paris)
    Done in 2006

  27. Send a postcard to Siriol (from Paris)
    Done in 2006

  28. Running 10 times around Notre Dame (in Paris)

  29. Having painted your picture at Sacre Coeur (in Paris)

  30. Watch the sunrise at Sacre Coeur (in Paris)

  31. Eat frog legs (in Paris)

  32. Take a picture with 10 marvelous looking french girls (in Paris and not at once)

  33. Get a lunch paid from Siriol

  34. Not dressing like a typical French (coming back from Paris, striped shirt, beret, moustache)

  35. Use the metro without paying for it for one day and get caught (in Paris)

  36. Impress a girl
    Done in 2009 (14.06.2009)

  37. Be on TV

  38. Have my picture in a newspaper on the front page

  39. Visit Nepal and the Himalaya

  40. Buy a house
    Done in 2011, Bottmingen

  41. Be more open

  42. Visit my godchild

  43. Go at least once per year to a game of FC Basel for 53 years

  44. Take care of the blue good luck charm from someone

  45. Visit the jungle
    Done in 2007, Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

  46. Spend some time with Eskimos

  47. See some wonders of the world

  48. See Miss Saigon

  49. Learn dancing

  50. Go horse riding
    Done in 2010, Barbados

  51. Swim with dolphins
    Done in 2011, Cuba (Nicole did :-) )

  52. Do the same than shown in 'Sweet home Alabama'
    Done in 2003

  53. Meet Avril Lavigne
    Done in 2008, Rosengarten, Mannheim

  54. Run a Triathlon

  55. Climb on a volcano
    Done in 2007, Conception, Nicaragua

  56. Become 100 years old

  57. Visit Japan

  58. Make a difference

  59. Take a round trip to South America

  60. Get a 6-pack
    Done in 2005

  61. Meet someone again I lost contact in 2003
    Done in 2010 at Syngenta

  62. Own a Lexus

  63. Change someone’s life via charity

  64. Have fun in Minneapolis
    Done in 2008

  65. Establish your own nature reserve in Africa

  66. Remember your first kiss

  67. Get over her

  68. Go to a shaolin temple

  69. Get a MBA

  70. Be me, stay me

  71. Make somebody smile

  72. Be a good dad

  73. Go to Scotland

  74. Have your own website
    Done in 2000

  75. Make a million dollars and donate them

  76. Go to Israel

  77. Make your own canoe

  78. Stay crazy

  79. Find a girl before the age of 30

  80. Get a job away from home

  81. Done in 2006, USA

  82. Travel for one year

  83. Buy a boat

  84. Leaning tower of Pisa

  85. Visit the Grand Canyon
    Done in 2008

  86. Get my driver’s licence
    Done in 1998

  87. Pass my study (HFW)
    Done in 2009

  88. Get your proficiency in English

  89. Visit Vietnam

  90. Remember January, 24th 2006

  91. Produce your own CD

  92. Visit the Swiss Parliament

  93. Cross Switzerland with your bike

  94. Have a great family

  95. Do mistakes only once

  96. Stop thinking too much

  97. Visit Machu Pitchu

  98. Get a second chance

  99. Wearing a kimono

  100. Never forget your friends

  101. Spend one day in the cinema

  102. Keep on goin’
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